Company history

DKC Company makes products for electricity supply systems, automation, and power distribution systems. Nowadays this is one of the largest producers of electrical equipment in Russia and in Europe. DKC Company takes part in innovative programs. Also, DKC has some own patents. The production which is produced by DKC is used in energy, fuel, chemical sectors, food, and construction industries.

Improvement of production and management processes is important for DKC Company so our Quality Management System conforms to international quality standard - ISO 9001. Our Company looks after product safety and production safety so DKC properly controls production conforming to Russian and foreign standards.

1998 year Foundation

DKC Company was founded on 15 August 1998. History of the Company had been begun when a flexible tube's production and warehouse complex was opened in Tver. DKC became the first Company that began to make this product independently.

1 year
1999 year "Iboco"

DKC increased the range of cable support systems in Russia because it became the official distributor of "IBOCO" Italian Company which was one of the largest European producers of cable ducts.

2 years
2000 year New production

DKC Company opened own cable duct's production which had conformed to European standards. Cable ducts of DKC became popular because it was cheap and high-quality.

3 years
2001 year Increasing the range

New industrial premises were built in Tver. It had a total of 3500 m2. New extruders were established in production and warehouse complex so it was a beginning of production of flexible tubes, rigid, and reinforced tubes and its accessories.

  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
5 years
2003 year "In-liner"

DKC Company released new products of "In-liner" series. DKC increased the range of rigid and reinforced tubes. There were new accessories and junction boxes.

6 years
2004 year "S5 Combitech"

In the plant, a new workshop for producing metal trays was opened. The company began to made cable support systems. The main novelty of this year was "S5 Combitech" zincked steel cable trays system.

7 years
2005 year "F5 Combitech"

Mesh trays "F5 Combitech" were released. Production of flexible corrugated tubes for drainage "Octopus" was opened. Quality Management System of DKC got the certificate of conformity to international quality standard - ISO 9001.

8 years
2006 year Warehouses

DKC had begun Mesh trays "F5 Combitech" producing. Tver warehouse was expanded twice.

9 years
2007 year Plants

New workshops were opened in Tver so DKC increased its range. Production of plastic cable support system accessories, flexible corrugated tubes for drainage and metal trays had been beginning.

10 years
2008 year "L5 Combitech"

Production the cable ladder system "L5 Combitech" was started. The company opened own galvanic workshop for mesh tray galvanizing. First metal enclosures "RAM block" were produced.

  • Training center
  • Design department
11 years
2009 year "RAM block" and "RAM box"

Selling of assembled and welded metal enclosures "RAM block" was started. Heavy duty enclosures "RAM box" had been stating to make in Russia. New productions were opened in Italy, Romania, and Hungary.

12 years
2010 year "Angara"

Industrial plugs and systems for laying of air-conditioning, heat, and water supply routes "Angara" were included in the range. The company got a type approval certificate from the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for metal cable trays.

13 years
2011 year "In-liner", "In-liner Front", "In-liner Aero"

Production the fire protection systems "Vulcan", lightning protection and grounding system "Jupiter" was opened. New cable ducts were added to "In-liner", "In-liner Front", "In-liner Aero" series.

14 years
2012 year "Jupiter" and "U5 Combitech"

DKC Company had been producing flexible corrugated polyamide tubes and aluminum columns. Configurators for "Jupiter" and "Vulcan" were created. This software was developed for fast selection of accessories.

15 years
2013 year "Hercules"

DKC Company celebrated its 15th birthday in August. The company started a new project which was named the Corporative University. DKC also opened a new production complex in Novi Ligure, Italia. Busbars "Hercules" was added to the range.

16 years
2014 year Novosibirsk

The new production and warehouse complex was opened in Novosibirsk. It had a total of 12000 m2. New products were added to the range such as metal conduit system "Cosmec", IT enclosures system "RAM telecom", wall-mounted enclosure series ST and fiberglass enclosures series "Conchiglia".

17 years
2015 year "G5 Сombitech"

The new product was added to the range. It was a fiberglass tray system "G5 Сombitech". The fiberglass tray system had no counterparts in Russia at that time.

18 years
2016 year "Tekhnopark DKC"

DKC production area in Tver was officially named "Tekhnopark DKC". The automated warehouse was opened. Pre-wired corrugated tubes had been produced.

19 years
2017 year "Octopus", "RAM power", "RAM mcc"

Selling of Dual wall corrugated tubes for outdoor, "RAM power" - solutions for power distribution system were started. A new solution for engine management and cable protection systems (up to 1600 amperes) "RAM mcc" was released.

20 years
2018 year "RAM telecom" and "Avanti"

DKC Company celebrated its 20th birthday. Company released "RAM telecom" - structured cabling system. "Avanti" - universal series of switches and sockets had been produced. DKC got own app. It is named DKC Mobile.

  • The automated warehouse
  • E-Commerce