New Easy-to-open Packaging and Corrosion-Resistant ST Lock


Modernization of ST enclosures continues!

DKC company continues the process of modernization of ST enclosures and introduces additional improvements. The enclosures now have a new corrosion-resistant lock. To increase resistance to corrosion, all its elements, except for the insert, are made of plastic. The design of the packaging has also been changed: the box in which the enclosures are packed now opens easily and quickly thanks to the pre-perforation. An additional point is that the box can be reused. The start of shipments of the modernized enclosures is planned for the 1st quarter of 2022. As part of the modernization, the enclosures grounding system was previously improved, the design of the mounting plate and M8 studs was changed, and pre-installed door rails appeared. The range of ST enclosures is available here . If you want to learn more about the enclosures and their upgrades - watch the video on our official youtube channel!

We remind you that the ST series enclosures are hinged all-welded metal enclosures made of high quality powder-coated sheet steel. ST enclosures provide reliable protection for equipment in automation and power distribution systems, and their unique value for money factor makes them a general-purpose solution used in various market segments.

For questions order placing, you can contact the customer service department ("DKC Tver" or "DKC Novosibirsk"), for advice and detailed explanations on the technical characteristics of products, contact the technical support service at the free phone number 8 (800) 250-52-63 or regional representatives in your city.  You can find the contacts of regional offices on the website in the "Contacts" section