Busbar for Aggressive Environment and High Humidity


Reliable power supply at any facility – Hercules cast insulation busbar with IP68 dust and moisture protection.

DKC presents a new Vibitech series of Hercules busbars. New busbars are in cast insulation and have a degree of dust and moisture protection of IP68. They can be installed in outdoor conditions, in conditions of high humidity or aggressive environment. They are also widely used in the chemical industry, oil refining and shipbuilding. The complex solution of Hercules busbars allows you to create a power supply system of any complexity at any facility - especially since the Vibitech series is fully compatible with other Hercules busbars.

You can see the full range of busbars by following the link https://www.dkc.ru/ru/solutions/completed_projects/462151/ .

Cast insulation IP68 busbars are manufactured in Russia using automated casting technology. The body is made of modern polymer materials and has high electrical insulating properties, mechanical strength, chemical and atmospheric resistance.

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