DKC Academy is Open!


The Academy was opened in DKC Industrial Park in Tver. This is an ultra-modern building, equipped with everything necessary for training clients and company employees - both technical and commercial. The capacity of the DKC Academy is over 200 people.
The project of the building was developed taking into account the experience of already existing corporate training centers of the DKC company - today they are open in Novosibirsk, Vladivostok and Tver. The Academy has 5 lecture rooms, including 2 computer labs, a classroom for technical training, a conference room, two meeting rooms, and a cafeteria.

Directly in the hall of the Academy, visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the company – an architectural model of the territory of the Industrial Park is located here and DKC novelties are presented. The center of the composition is the renovated extruder. This is the most important milestone in the history of the company - it was this extruder that, back in 1998, produced the first meters of PVC pipe, which became the first product manufactured by DKC. The extruder is mounted on a pedestal framed by a ring of light - a symbol of the continuity and our commitment to traditions.
For technical equipment, we have used products of our own production: NetOne mini-data center, RAM Power products, EOS solar energy converters, Lightech lighting busbars; Avanti mechanisms, raised floor system. Charging stations for electric vehicles will soon be installed near the Academy.

The multimedia part of the project was implemented in collaboration with CROC, and custom-made lighting fixtures of "Lighting Technologies" were used for lighting.
We express our gratitude to all the employees who participated in the development and implementation of this project! The project was not easy, but thanks to your efforts, it turned into reality.

The Academy is ready to open its doors for those who want to be trained in the product range, assembly of cabinets based on the power distribution system, commissioning, SCS design. Additional courses are also being developed, the main task of which will be the development of a design culture. Guests of the Academy will have the opportunity to plunge into the life of the DKC company, get acquainted with all production processes, evaluate the functionality and capabilities of robotic warehouses, see with their own eyes how products are tested in laboratories and get a lot of interesting and useful information.
DKC Academy is waiting for guests!