Address of DKC General Director Dmitry Kolpashnikov


Dear colleagues, employees and partners!

In this appeal, I would like to define the position of the DKC company in connection with the events that are developing around us with incredible speed and inevitability.

Our company is not just the largest Russian manufacturer of equipment for cable laying, power distribution, automation and information systems. DKC is more than 2,000 people working in 25 representative offices throughout Russia and at production and logistics centers in Tver, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok.

The DKC international group includes companies located in Italy, Romania, Hungary, Tunisia and in Ukraine - the epicenter of this whirlwind. This is more than a thousand people with whom we must maintain our cooperation and comradely ties, not destroy human relations.

In Russia, we continue to manufacture and ship all our products, launch development projects and fulfill all our obligations to customers, partners, employees and their families without exception.

Import substitution, localization of production and selection of domestic suppliers of raw materials are important components of the company's strategy, which we have long chosen to minimize currency and logistical risks. This strategy has proven its high efficiency for more than twenty years and allowed us to gain independence from external circumstances.

In 2022, we will continue working on the development of our production and business processes. Our nearest plans are:
· opening of the second stage of the robotic warehouse;
· bringing production and shipments to the planned volumes in Vladivostok;
· launching a service for the supply of DKC low voltage complete devices.
In the next three months, we expect the launch of sales of new products: flexible copper buses, wells for the cable installation system in the ground, a series of floor hatches, an aluminum tray system, solar inverters, energy storage and chargers for electric vehicles.

Our company was founded in Tver during the most severe crisis in August 1998. We managed to overcome the economic and financial adversity of 2008 and 2014. We are on an incredible rise through the period of the pandemic.

Each of these crises made us stronger and forced us to rise to a new level.

We could not predict the risks of the events that we are experiencing now, but we have always been in a time of difficult trials and moments of brilliant success together with our Russia. We must continue working for the good of our country and our people.

We sincerely empathize with every loss in these tragic days. We pray for a peaceful clear sky above our heads. We wish all of us to have the opportunity to create.

I am writing this letter on the eve of the holiday dedicated to the beautiful half of humanity, therefore, taking the opportunity, I turn to you, our dear women:

I believe that with your beauty, loyalty and love you will give us the strength to overcome all the difficulties. On behalf of all the DKC men, I wish you to be happy and loved!

Dmitry Kolpashnikov
General Director of AO DKC