Telecommunication sockets - 20% cheaper


Sockets without a dust-protective shutter and marking plate appeared in the assortment of the "Avanti" series of electrical installation products: RJ-45 computer and RJ-12 telephone sockets. This solution simplifies the connection to the network and reduces the cost of the position by 20% (compared to analogues with a protective shutter). Products are mounted both in the wall (hidden type of installation) and in the cable channel (open type of installation). The entire range of telecommunication sockets is manufactured at our factory in Tver and is available at the link.

The main function of the DKC RJ-12 telephone sockets is the connection of telephone sets. They are suitable for 6P6C connector.

The main function of the DKC RJ-45 computer socket is to connect the network cable to the workplace. They are suitable for 8P8C connector.

New items are presented in basic colors: "White Cloud", "Vanilla Haze", "Black Square", "Hardened Steel" and "Matte Black". Available in single or double versions. We remind you that the DKC range also includes a solution with a dust protection shutter and a marking plate (for use at facilities where this is required). You can find out more about the electrical installation products of the "Avanti" series on a special page.