Rigid fixation of pipes for underground laying


Our novelty is a cluster (distance holder) with a rigid fixation for three double-walled pipes with a diameter of 110 mm. It is used for block laying pipes in the ground. It is applied at block laying of pipes in soil. The cluster fixes the pipes in a certain position and allows maintaining the distance between them. Product information is already available on our website.

Polypropylene clusters can fix several pipes at once when laying in the ground in a horizontal or vertical position. They can be used when laying pipes on slopes with a large degree of inclination. They are compatible with flexible, rigid, drainage corrugated double-walled pipes of the same diameter. Operating temperature - from -40 to +90 °С. Clusters can be connected to each other.

Distance holders organically complement the double-walled pipe system - you can find out more about it on a special page.