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Assembled metal enclosures CQE

Floor-standing universal modular enclosures CQE.
CQE enclosures are designed to build power distribution, control and management systems. Additionally CQE can be used to create a telecommunication unit. CQE is made from high quality steel sheets and available in 116 size modifications. Enclosures frames are made of steel sheets not less than 1.5 mm thickness. Mounting plate is made of galvanized steel up to 3 mm thickness and have additional special П-shape framing to provide additional toughness.

CQE enclosure in standard set has level of protection not less than IP55. This characteristic can be increased up to IP65 by using special accessories.

CQE can be installed in the climate zone corresponded to NF1 in GOST 15150 and maintain all the basic characteristics (IP, IK, painting, outer elements sealant).
Metal sections of CQE enclosures have stiffening ribs which provide high level of durability and allow to use load up to 1000 kg per enclosure unit.

CQE elements have unified step length of perforation 25mm for quick and easy modification changes.

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