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Ducts for air-conditionering systems - "ANGARA"

"Angara" is a professional ducts system for wiring of the air-conditioning, heating and water supply. Ducts are settled both in residential and offices promises, as well as in industrial locations and on the buildings facades. Communication wiring is performed both on the walls – in wall ducts and on the floor – in plinth ducts. Ducts well fit into the interiors and are meant for long operation. The ducts well fit into the interiors and are meant for long exploitation.             
One of the features that distinguish professional ducts from standard wiring ones is a special design with a rounded cover that seizes the duct from 3 sides. Such design facilitates installation and makes it possible to fit the system perfectly into all interiors due to the total absence of the slits on the outer surface of the duct. Also, there is a range of special accessories which provide handy mounting and further exploitation.

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Ducts for air-conditionering systems -