Rigid galvanized steel conduit ø25x1,2x3000 mm

Code: 6008-25L3
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Model Rigid non-threaded
Outer diameter, mm 25
Inner diameter, mm 22.6
Material Steel
Surface mounted Yes
Suitable for subsurface installation (screed) Yes
Outdoor installation Yes
Product type Rigid steel conduits
Material Galvanized steel
-5°С ... +60°С -60 ... +150 °С
Ingress Protection rating, IP IP66/IP67
от -25°С до +60°С from -60 to +150 °С
Shock resistance, J > 20 J at -25 °С
Climate version U2, HL2, UHL2
Fire protection non-combustible material
ТУ 2248-012-47022248-2009 Technical specifications 4833-041-47022248-2016
3 года 3 years
15 лет 3 years