Metal form for under floor boxes

Code: 88234
Metal form for under floor boxes
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Number of appliances to build in 1
Bottom plate No
Suitable for placing of sealing Yes
Built-in opening for floor column Yes
Levelling range, mm 50
Duct height, mm 100.5
Suitable for floor duct countersunk (closed) Yes
Suitable for sub-floor duct overhead closed No
Built-in opening for built-in unit Square
Decoupling possibility cover from base unit Yes
Duct width, mm 515
Min. height finishing layer, mm 100
Material side wall Steel
Temperature of mounting, °C -40°С ° +60°С
Temperature of operation, °C -40°С ° +60°С
Climate version UHL4
Fire protection It is not subject to obligatory confirmation of compliance of the requirements of the Federal law №123-ФЗ 22.06.2012
Product type Metal form
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