Tube HDPE flexible corrugated, ? 16 mm, light version with pull, 100 m, black color

Code: 71716
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Colour Black
UV resistant Нет
Inner diameter, mm 11.3
Compressive strength, N 125
Operational temperature, °C - 40...90
Bending radius, static, mm 48
Material Polyethylene
Tensile strength, N 200
Nominal diameter, mm 16
Nominal size in inch 5/8 inch
Degree of protection (IP) IP55
Bending strength Flexible
Lengthwise slotted Нет
Sheathing material Not sheathed
Outer diameter, mm 15,7
Length 100000 mm
8 диаметров мм 48 mm
-5°С ... +60°С -40°С ... +90°С
Ingress Protection rating, IP IP55
от -25°С до +60°С from -40°С to +90°С
Shock resistance, J >2 at -40°С
Cord for wires Yes
Series Light
ТУ 2248-012-47022248-2009 Technical specifications 3491-011-47022248-2003
3 года 3 years
15 лет 15 years
Product type Tube HDPE flexible corrugated