Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Impact strength

Rigid tubes

The rigid non-combustible PVC conduit, grey.

The rigid conduits are used for electric, telephone, computer, TV networks, operating at an electric voltage of direct or alternating current, no more than 1500 V, made by insulated wires, cords or cables.

Mounting conditions:

- for open wiring both indoors and outdoors under a canopy, on the grounds of all combustibility groups (NG - G4 according to GOST 30244 (State Standard)) and flammability (B1 - B3 according to GOST 30402);

- for concealed wiring in walls, ceilings, floors of non-combustible materials; monolithic concrete construction.

Distinctive features:
- non-combustible;
- resistance to humidity;
- resistance to aging;
- Fire Safety Certificate, Certificate of Conformity and Hygienic conclusion;
- a wide range of accessories

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